As you might have noticed there haven’t been many updates to this blog recently. That is about to change. I have some new ideas for blog post ready to be shared. So stay tuned!

One of the reasons for posting less is because I have been switching jobs. As of September 2022 I’ve been working as the product owner of the Azure cloud team at HU University of Applied Sciences in my home town, Utrecht. While it has given me the opportunity to learn a lot, mostly in the human skills area, it has also naturally shifted the focus away from the technical side of things.

Apart from switching jobs, having a now 3-year-old hopping around has its impact too. As a matter of fact, the next one is on its way and it won’t take long before sleep deprivation will be the new normal again. As you can understand it will be challenging to keep my focus on blogging. If you like my blog, please let me know at @jannickoeben (twitter/github) or jannickoeben (linkedin).

The more encouragement, the more content. I promise!